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Posted in Learn and Play with tags on October 30, 2008 by runswscissors

I have been using podcasts for awhile.  I love how you can get snippets of different things here and there.  So far I have been able to find something on any topic I have searched for.   I like  “Themysciran Times”  comment regarding uses in the library.

“Do podcasts have a place in the library? Absolutely! I can see so many ways that we could embrace this technology. Imagine it- podcasts on: How the Dewey Decimal system works, or how to get a library card, or even podcast Storytimes! Portable story times that parents can keep and play over and over and do with their kids. Podcasts on the importance of teaching and learning Reading Readiness. My mind is overflowing with ideas. We need to start sharing our story and vision through podcasts. ”  I have to concur.