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Posted in Learn and Play with tags , , , on November 20, 2008 by runswscissors

Browsing through the digital collection of MOLDI, I disocvered a wealth of older stuff.  I’m not sure I would use the digital collection on MOLDI that much for music as I prefer iTunes or rhapasody.  However, the book collection is OK and gives you access to some titles you may have difficulty finding in a bookstore or library.  The collection that thrilled me the most was the eFlicks collection.  As someone who likes older films I was lost browsing this collection and trying to decide which one to download first.  Les Vampires–A legendary seven-hour silent crime serial in ten episodes. Les Vampires follows the exploits of a brazen and resourceful band of arch-criminals who rob the rich, transfix the elite of France, and almost elude the obsessive pursuit of crusading journalist Phillipe Guerande and his sidekick Mazamette. A series of Grand Vampires with names such as Satanas and Venomous share the irresistible Irma Vep (an anagram of “vampire”) as strategist and mistress. Sometimes seductively garbed in a black body stocking and a black hood, sometimes disguised as a boy or hidden in plain view as a maid, stenographer or bourgeois spinster, feared and desired by both her cohorts and stalkers, Irma is perhaps the first liberated screen woman.  OR How about Wanted for Murder?–This little-seen gem, the latest in the acclaimed Pulp Cinema series of film noir classics, was directed by Lawrence Huntington, a veteran of small B-noirs like The Patient Vanishes (1941), The Upturned Glass (1947), and Man on the Run (1948). Reminiscent of Edgar Ulmer’s Bluebeard, this portrayal of a serial killer gradually succumbing to love for one of his chosen victims was written by Emeric Pressburger (who also co-wrote and directed some of the most highly regarded films of all time such as The Red Shoes and Black Narcissus). Also known as Voice in the Night, this well-received British noir is digitally restored from the 35mm negative.  Some many to choose from so little time.