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Cut, Edit, Send, Cut, Edit, Send, Cut, Edit, Send

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Google docs rock!   I have been using google docs for over a year as a way to collaborate on documents with library folks all across the state.  Talk about reducing e-mail.  No longer are we each making changes to separate doucments, sending them back and forth, merging the changes and sending them again.  Google docs has allowed us to streamline the process and reduce e-mail.   All in one place!!!!!



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I have been using podcasts for awhile.  I love how you can get snippets of different things here and there.  So far I have been able to find something on any topic I have searched for.   I like  “Themysciran Times”  comment regarding uses in the library.

“Do podcasts have a place in the library? Absolutely! I can see so many ways that we could embrace this technology. Imagine it- podcasts on: How the Dewey Decimal system works, or how to get a library card, or even podcast Storytimes! Portable story times that parents can keep and play over and over and do with their kids. Podcasts on the importance of teaching and learning Reading Readiness. My mind is overflowing with ideas. We need to start sharing our story and vision through podcasts. ”  I have to concur.

Running With Scissors Clip From Cheers

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He Said–She Said–The Power of Wikis

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Open access on wikis allows anyone to share their knowledge and can create an abundance of information (accurate and inaccurate).  Even though wikis can be subjected to wiki vandalism the power of wikis continues to grow.  Wikis can be and are useful tools for collaborations, storytelling, online learning (Learn & Play), building online communities and so much more.

Library 2.0 and Web 2.0–Cutting Down the Barriers

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What – if any – barriers exist with libraries and customers due to Web 2.0?  Are libraries able to keep up with the technology and customers demands?  Libraries have helped with the first digital divide by proving computers for customers to connect.  Are libraries now ready to help with the second digital divide–Web 2.0?  Technology has enabled the advances in technology to occur rapidly.  Thus, making it even harder for library staff to stay current with all the advances.  As is often the case a customer is approaching library staff  for information on… how do I do create an RSS feed, create a blog, upload pictures, download music, (fill in the blank) and many staff do not have the expertise and/or training to keep pace with the demand.  So how do libraries cut down the barriers of keeping up with technology to keeping up with customers needs?  Is Learn and Play a start?